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Syke! thumbnail  Sex: male
 Height: 5'10
 Created: May 19, 2006
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Hector Santiago can switch to his altered ego 'SYKE' at any moment.
Reason for being in Void City - to bring back some ice coz' Azilyn told him to, but later down the road just stay's coz he likes the Atmosphere.

Think of Syke like he's a 'superhero', of some sort. Think 'freakazoid'.
He can't fly, but can do things at near light speed, like run ridiculously fast for example.
He can somewhat 'guess' what a person might do next. Often being told he can read minds because of it, but he just says he's good at guessing. Although often times he might be slightly off.

In reality, he doesn't kno what his abilities are, the sky's the limits.

When he appears as Syke, he can usually appear in any form of clothing, but mostly appears in his 'regular attire' [character sheet]

Fave Game character : Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury/K.O.F
Fave Cartoon Character : Freakazoid

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