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Mr. Squishington thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 13
 Created: April 3, 2006
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Mr. Squishington's is an innocent teddy bear that just dropped into void city one day and has no idea why. Squishington is happy. innocent, and is really nice. He is very naive and gets into alot of trouble because he trusts in everyone since he is trying to make friends and doesn't know any better. He's simple and just wants to figure out why he's here and who he is and what is going on. Because of this he figures he should become friends with everybody because somebody has gotta have the answers and if not they can help him to pass the time. He has no idea he's a teddy bear or that it's weird he just figures everybody is different.
Mr. Squishington doesn't know alot. He knows english but doesn't know what alot of words mean. He has no concept of good or evil or life or death. He figures eveybody is like him and in the same situation. He's kinda dumb, but in a cute teddy bear way. Oh and pretty ladies make him nervous and shy but he has no idea why. (He thinks everybody is just a people)
He has the strength of a 20 year old human in his tiny bear body and even though physics shouldn't allow it he packs a punch. Also somehow he is able to hold things in his paw (which is more of a stump) without actually holding it. it just kinda sticks to him or something and floats there like he's holding it. And remember he has the strength of a regular person so he can even pick up things like chairs in his paw even though it should overweigh him.
He also has the amazing powers of a stuffed animal such as he doesn't eat, drink, sleep, breath, go to the bathroom, feel pain, you know... the works. And even though these things shouldn't affect him he over reacts to everthing so even though he doesn't actually physically feel pain he acts like he felt it. He is also sensitive to stuffed animal weakness such as fire, sharp objects, being waterlogged, and what ever other stuff you can think of.
Oh and he happens to have this weird thing of if he dies he just falls from the sky again. the old body doesn't vanish or anything just a new body appears falling from the sky. so he is basically wandering void cause he wants to figure of what the hell is going on making friends in the process....being an innocent bear....with no evil in him....yet.

UPDATE!!! Mr. Squishington now lives with and hangs out with Seel. Thanks to some strange Dr. Pye magic Squishington has been split into two. Good and evil. And while being the complete opposite of squishington evil squishington still has some good in him and vice versa. They both have no idea what's going on and don't worry about it too much.

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