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Teddy 'T' Square thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6' 1"
 Created: February 22, 2006
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Name: Teddy Square (he HATES the name 'Teddy' (who wouldn't?) so he uses 'T'. He got the nickname 'T-Square' in his high school art class.

Dad's name: Michael (Mike) Cole Square (the dad plays a part in the story without actually showing up... so this is slightly important)

Personality: very laid back.


'T' began to have dreams about a place called 'VOID City' (ever hear of it?) and the dreams became more real to him as they kept occurring over and over again. He tried to express the dreams in his art, but it wouldn't work right.

(2 page intro story here)

He is trying to make friends during his stay in VOID City, but some just won't take "Hey, what time is it?" kindly. So, using only what he has at hand (his art equipment) he defends himself for truth, justice, and... aw forget that crap.... he defends himself because he doesn't wanna DIE!

He has never been in a fight before and so will be surprised at his newly manifesting skills as he learns about his strange grey-alien heritage and abilities.

Always with a smile (and a bit of naivety) he really wants to discover his inner spirit.

Every few battles or so I (or my opponent) will add something new about 'T'. Perhaps a new ability, perhaps a new piece of equipment, perhaps something about his father's stay in VOID City from the past... (older residents remember the name 'Michael Cole Square' all know this name... but why?), and who was his mother? Who knows? Whoever wins gets that piece put into 'T's history.

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