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Iggy and Pongo thumbnail  Gender: None
 Height: 8ft
 Created: January 11, 2006
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Iggy & Pongo Bio:

Story: Iggy was swimming through Void City harbor one day when he noticed hole in the ground, thinking he just scored a new home he swam into it, then to his horror the suit came to life, having no name Iggy Dubbed the suit Pongo, and so Iggy & Pongo were born! Off to start a new life together in void city…good luck guys…

Iggy: An unlucky fish that happened to stumble into a suit of armor that came alive…now stuck in the suit which he named “Pongo” Iggy is trying to find a purpose in life weather it be a crime fighter or just living a normal life. Iggy likes to think he knows everything about everything, and if Pongo asks him a question he doesn’t know he makes something up.

Personality: Iggy is Annoying, complacent and a coward he is also loud and outspoken and in a city like void that can get you in trouble…

Pongo: An ancient suit of armor that was once a guardian of the Atlantians a long dead civilization, after centuries of slumber “Pongo” wakes to find Iggy in his chest and in a strange new world full of weirdo’s mutants and freaks. Pongo is very interested in finding out about this new world and with only Iggy to ask he must find things out for himself.

Personality: Pongo is Strong willed, brave and a fierce warrior. He can be Gentle one minute and then a warrior the next.

The two of them together make for an odd couple, but in the end they do make a good team…

Powers: Pongo has incredible Strength and Toughness, he can use just about anything as a weapon (ie: ripping a pole out of the ground and swinging it with ease) He can extend his arms and legs, and he can shoot his arms out, but he has to go get it again… Pongo can use Iggys life force as energy, if Iggy concentrates Pongo can gain even more power

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