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Kubo thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 6'
 Created: September 4, 2005
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Name: Kubo

Age: Two millenia and change

Alias: The Fox King

Height: 6'

Weight: 172 lbs


Languages spoken: English, Italian, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, and broken versions of other languages.

Hobbies: Collecting artifacts and relics. Fighting and training.

Weakness: Kubo's powers are linked to his state of mind, when his convictions are strong his powers are equally strong, but when he doubts, becomes sad or depressed, he becomes vulnerable.

Personality: Kubo is a kind and good-natured being. He has traveled for many years so, he has learned much of the world and what it means to be "human." Because of this, he treats everyone he does not know with respect. He has a good sence of humor, but a dark past. He likes to be alone. Doesn't mind companions, and doesn't see any point in finding a lover. He will kill if needed, but will not commit to it until there is no other choice.

Abilities: In his world, Kubo was created to help stop a great war that would have destroyed everyone in it, so he is skilling in the art of the sword and the fist. He has been roaming around for 2000 years so he has learned many different styles of fighting, so he mixes what he knows into his fights. When he was created he was given special abilities like the ability to transform into a fox of verious sizes with the largest being the size of a house with black fur and red eyes and the smallest being the size of a normal fox. He also has the ability to regenerate very quickly. He's very intelligent and uses it to his advantages; planning traps and outwitting his opponents. He carries verious masks that have designs on them that symbolize different people so when he puts one on he can physicly transform into a certain type of person or even a specific one.
Kubo is a Southpaw, he is left handed, which is not so common among fighters these days.

Blue Thunder: The God Sword as it is called in his world, even though it was created by mortals. It is a weapon of great power with the ability to transform apearence at will and emit lightning. It is sentient so it can think and speak both vocally and mentaly. Blue has a very short temper and does not allow anyone to weild him except Kubo, he was the only one who could forcibly.

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