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Macabre thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'8"
 Created: August 31, 2005
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At one time in his life, Macabre was just a normal, pathetic human, until a freak accident transformed him into an abnormal pathetic human... with unbelievably destructive power. He now seeks, perhaps to show up those that made fun of him before, to prove himself as the greatest supervillain ever by destroying the world.

Sharing an ambiguous relationship with an intangible monster named Devirama, he has gained use of the "Devil Weapons", dark manifestations of Devirama's will that he can summon out of thin air (Devil Gun and Devil Horse he uses most often, although an endless arsenal of weapons exists). In addition, dark belts will appear out of nowhere to aid Macabre, who can control their movement with his mind.

With all this power and the psychotic will to use them, Macabre is extremely dangerous. His biggest weakness is his cartoonish personality; aside from being totally conceited, he models himself after generic comic book supervillains, purposefully uttering cheesey dialogue. He really enjoys his new life and refuses to take any fight seriously... even if his life is in danger.

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