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Terraso thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 140cm
 Created: August 20, 2005
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The society of Fada is highly militaristic, using technology to enhance hand-to-hand combat rather than long-range attacks. Clans not unlike those in ancient Japan are constantly jostling for power, training elite soldiers to act as quiet and deadly armies. Each clan has a Grand Master, who is the ultimate leader, and an Overseer, who oversees the management of people.

The most integral weapon in this society are two energy/matter generators that are worn on each forearm. These generators take energy from the wearer to produce physical fields, shaped by the wearer’s mind. Theoretically these generations can extend to any size, but the two limiting factors are
1) The larger the generation, the more energy it drains from the wearer, thus larger manifestations must be shorter
2) The generations are by no means weightless. The larger and clumsier the manifestation, the more it will slow the one wielding it.

Born into the Tellvyn Clan, Terrasao made a decision at the age of five – she wished to become one of the Overseer’s inner retinue. It was highly uncommon for a female to have this ambition, but as her father was an influential businessman she was able to train at a warrior’s academy alongside all the other candidates for the inner retinue position. Fuelled at first by visions of respectability and glory, Terrasao passed puberty and developed an obsession of the Overseer, successfully outlasting many of her peers as the training became more and more rigid. This burning loyalty is often seen with the inner retinue, as they spend their entire lives preparing to serve the Overseer, but there are some indications that Terrasao harbours more than simple devotion for her Master.

Now at the prime age of fifteen, Terrasao has completed all of her training and is ready to undertake the final trial before being sworn in as her Master’s faithful bodyguard. She must survive in a highly violent and volatile environment, fighting as many people as possible to grow strong. When she passes a high threshold of skill a nanochip in her brain will activate and guide her back to her native land. Until then, she wanders around looking for worthy opponents.

Her fighting incorporates the most basic structures of traditional Fada martial arts, but with one vital difference. Terrasao is left handed, many opponents are unused to fighting a left-handed foe.

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