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Keaira Seirraf thumbnail  Sex: Female
 Height: 5'10"
 Created: June 17, 2005
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Name: Keaira Seiraf (First name means Little Dark One)
Age: 25
Religious. Believes that any who are capable of domething more than human should use it to protect normal people. Goes out of way to protect innocents. Somewhat somber, Sense of humour is almost non-existant. Intense hatred of anything Demonic, Will hunt them to the ends of the earth.
Joined a religious order at 18. After an 'encounter' with the Demon hunting sect of her order she was recruited into their ranks. With no natural powers to speak of, She only achieved a medium rank within the order, Depending on her attained mastery of swords and the various ways to bind demons available to normal people. (Paper w/Spells written upon, holy-Forged chains, ect.)
After a large accident during a routine hunt, where a lesser demon managed to summon one far greater to Earth, She lost her sword arm destroying the summoned demon. She was released fromthe order, and given a second chance at life.
However she refuses to stop hunting, going so far as to bind the last demon to her soul, So she can use its abilities as her own. She continues to protect people from the Creatures of darkness and any other threat that crosses her path.
Demonic Shadow essence can be formed into anything she wishes.
Basic hand to hand combat skills from her previous training, though hampered due to a lack of an arm.
Various chanins, binds, prepared spells. Spells are highly destructive, and not only for demons.

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