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Flintlock thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'10"
 Created: June 14, 2005
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Jordan Vegter is the daughter of two professional duelers. As the last in a long line of duelers, she was trained in several different forms of dueling, ranging from hand combat to pistol duels. However, when she began to learn how to pistol duel, her parents realised she had horrible aim. they lamented at their child's inability to pistol duel, since pistol dueling had become the family's specialty. Several years went by, and they continued to train her in the ways of a duelist, except they gave up on teaching her how to use a pistol. What they don't kow is that she had secretly begun to train using the family's heirloom flintlock pistol, which was the first pistol used by their family for duels. She was sent off into the world to find her way as a duelist, but her parents didn't expect much (since they didn't know of her skill with the flinlock) She took on the name Flintlock and traveled the world, dueling all along the way. then both of her parents died, and their last wish of her was that she enter the Void Speed Death tournament, the ultimate duelist's tourney in thier eyes. They believed it would be the only way to preserve the family's legacy as duelists. If she survived, then the family line would continue for another generation. If she died, then at least the family line would end in a duel. They still had no idea she had actually become quite accomplished in pistol dueling (albiet with an antiquated weapon) but she joined the tournament anyways in respect for her parent's last wishes and as a way to prove to them (even if they were already dead) that she was a duelist worthy of the family name.

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