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NFN thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 5'10
 Created: Prior to recording
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Height: 5'10

Age: 16

Gender: Male

A chance encounter with a group of thugs found Terry pitted against a local crime lord in a round of a popular arcade fighting game. At stake was his stolen wallet. Terry, being an excellent gamer, dispensed with his foe rather quickly... and in doing so angered the crime boss. In the resulting beatdown, Terry was left battered and near death on the floor. The gang around him mocked and scoffed, even as one of them noted that Terry had set a high score while besting their boss.. Disgusted at this, the gang leader entered a set of intitals into the game that he deemed suited to Terry.
"No Fucking Name. Because a weak ass bitch like you ain't worth a name."
Terry was left to bleed and die.
Die he did not, however. And a year later he's made a full recovery. In body at least. His mind burns for revenge... but he knows he is no match for the men who did this to him. The men afterall, were the feared Black Scars; notorious hoodlums responsible for trafficking drugs, murders, rapings, and a variety of horrible acts. And at the head of the gaggle of criminals, was the young man who had taken his wallet and ordered his beating: Aaron Black. Reknowned for his brutality and skill at fighting, it was no wonder Terry had recieved such an awful beating. As long as the Black Scars was under the leadership of this man... revenge would be almost impossible.
"At least... it is as I am now."
Setting his resolve, Terry endeavored to regain his sense of self respect. He realized that in order to take on the Black Scars he would need to become much more skilled in battle. He would need to train himself extensively. Fortunately he had caught wind of a place where he may be able to improve rapidly... Preparations were made. His journey was set and within a few days he was off en route to Void City... home to some of the most powerful fighters in the world.
The journey was not going to be a pleasant one though. A newly inflicted scar cut into his right shoulder ached and would probably become infected along the way. But it would serve him as a reminder so that he would not lose heart. Putting away the clean edged knife he'd just carved himself with, the young man let his blood flow readily. The aching, torn flesh now clearly displayed the name he would take as his own: NFN.

Personality: NFN is driven by his desire to become a stronger fighter. He is hellbent on victory, but ultimately still yet a young man with alot to learn.

Skills: Little more than a street fighter as of yet, NFN has no real powers nor skills to speak of. His only notable quality is his undying desire to keep fighting. For him, surrender is a defeat he cannot return from. An admission of his lack of resolve.

Appearance: NFN is a casual dresser. His outfit can be changed at the descretion of the artist, but his taste in clothing is hardly garish.

Weaponry: Not one to be choosey, NFN will use his environment, but does not particularly care for weaponry, thinking his own two fists the best, and truest, weapons.

Notation: As of yet, NFN has no powers or manifested significant skills to speak of. But as battles go on, he may awaken some latent capabilities. This will be a
slow process that I will draw out overtime. No need to worry, I will not resort to cheap tactics in battle.

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