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Hiemie the Fishboy thumbnail Title: Tag Team Champion 2013
 Sex: Male
 Height: 7' 3 w/o fin
 Created: Prior to recording
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File 372: Hiemie the Fishboy: Hiemie starts as many other people in Void, as an escaped expiriment from some corrupt laboratory (THANKS ALOT JENKINS YOU BASTARD!) Somehow he made his way to void and has been roaming around the city in a random method. He was specially created to act and work like some sort of cartoon character.
Usually he's hanging around in alleys, messing things up, eating, or singing random songs (usually rap).
He is a dangerous unpredictable threat or a great friend, sometimes something would make him angry or happy, we really don't know how his mind works, but be cautious, he's also insanely strong (He's once tied a Limo into a pretzel and ate it...) and has been known to pull large objects such as mallets and anvils from his pockets. Also, have fun doing any permanent damage for long, weve seen him burnt to a crisp, smashed, and diced to pieces only to be seen walking around in seconds. He just kinda comes back... (Just to say, he's like cartoon fast, popeye on spinach strong, and shit that's strong. Popeye punched out a fucking ocean damn it and like ripped skyscrapers out of the ground, and the Dip don't work either. No way to destroy him. He's Immortal.) We're attempting capture as we speak, by hiring assorted bounty hunters from Void itself. God help us all. End Entry.

Update: It seems the fish has won the lottery. And oddly enough, he keeps accidentally investing in the right companies and is making oodles of money. Like richest person in the world amount. Humorously enough, he owns stock in our company.

Update 2: It's done, he is gone. Returned to his home dimension. He's served his sentence and reset the void. May he be fondly remembered. It was fun.

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