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Mao Yakuta thumbnail  Sex: female
 Height: 5'3
 Created: Prior to recording
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*alright, I got bored and decided it was about time to update a few things around this box .. and since I had too much sugar and dr pepper than I guess this is as good a time as ever.. *

Mao: this is embarrassing .. you better give me some noodles for this ..

*[aherm] let’s get started ^_^…stats?*

Mao: Yakuta, Mao. 18 years old. Born in Kyoto, japan. Height 5’3, weigh 110. eye color cyan [3of em] , short wild black hair and tanned skin. I have abnormal strength and speed, power over electricity. I’m a ninja trained for all types of situations. so forth and so on ..

*sum me up your childhood..*

mao: let’s see.. I am born child to the head of the yakuta house of ninjas.. I’m supposedly next in line to take over. My mother died giving me birth. She was Chinese and my dad is Japanese I speak none of those languages. I grew up a brat. I wasn’t really spoiled I was just mean to people since everyone was worse to me and all I did since age 3 was train. But than I changed when I met a friend .. she died and I ran out of the clan.

*Yakuta house of ninja’s? never heard of it.*

Mao: well it’s just a fancy name for assassins for hire. they try to stay hidden as much as possible but they still get a pretty big list. They charge expensive but they are effective.. we have lots of cultures and fighting techniques from different countries. Everyone in the clan is a trained professional but one thing, if you are ever a part of them and leave them they hunt you down so that their crafts do not fall into someone else’s hands or so that they cant be traced.
They are divided into two houses the tiger house , those who join from outside the family name, and the dragon house ,the actual blood relatives with special powers.

*Pfft .. so you got away from that? What do you do now?*

Mao: ah now? Heh.. I have two part time jobs. I work for mr Tee ,owner of the ‘sin restaurant’ and for the owner of the place I stay in.
For mr tee I wash dishes as a front but on the side I steal for him mostly. Nothing big
For the owner of the building those side jobs get serious but they pay the rent. Plus is just once a month. I get my missions through sythos, the manager.


Mao: 4 annoying and weird girls.

*I see so you ran from one thing and got into another just the same.. karma [yeah right] what does death mean to you? Are you a good person?*

Mao: Things die everyday. Things get killed everyday. i don’t mind slicing me a throat or two as long as I am ordered to and the victim can fight back… I don’t kill children though .. there everything changes. As for saving anyone .. well if the spirit moves me or well some food as a reward. Good person? Let me see .. no but I’m not an asswipe nor do I go around looking for fights. I’m a mellow no good person who’s nice if ,like I said, the spirit moves me.

What do you hate?

Mao: stupid people, my father, onions, my father, posers, my father, Ouh and the waste of good noodles, did I mention my father?

*Yes you did. Fear?*

Mao: uh? Hnn I highly dislike a lot of things but I can’t say I fear them..


Mao: Noodles! That’s my one and only weakness.. I’ll do almost anything for them.. they rule me >_< .. and my weapons … this is getting too long .. shouldn’t you be getting some battle ready or challenging someone?

*Ouh yeah oops*

Mao: [sigh] lazy heifer
….[she left?]
hey! My noodles! I’ll slice your first born if I don’t get any! >_< [damn it she left]

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