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Drednaut thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'1
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name- Drednaut
Aka- Dreds
Old Alias- Boots N Dreds
Height-6 5 weight- 272 lbs age-appearance of a man in his low 30's
Race- Human Atlantean
Natural Powers-
Heightened physical prowess/stamina

Nanite Tech.(millions of biological red blood cell like machines in his blood stream)
Healing factor- heals 10 to 15 times faster than a normal human
Steel Skin- Although Drednaut lost his permanent magical invulnerabilty, the nanite tech. allows him to increase the density of his skin for short periods of time [ 5 to 10 minute bursts ] giving him limited invulnerbility, including resistance to extreme heat-cold and projectile attacks. He loses all sence of touch when his Steel Skin armor is raised.
Body weapons-arms/hands
-he can transform his limbs into stabbing or shooting weapons. The nanites can create bio metalic projectiles or energy in the form of heat, water, or electricity to propel from hand weapons using resourses produced by the body and amplified.

Skilled street fighter with some martial art knowledge.
Personality- Sarcastic and witty, good sence of humor, but quieted when angry or upset. Moral good alignment.

Brief and most relevent Updated Bio:
Drednaut has a long history in Void City. He was once called Boots and Dreds and was the sole protector of two children. He formed alliances with many crime fighters in Void City but was most closly tied to the Alliance members, later called the Brotherhood. He was killed by agents of his arch enemy. With the help of his old friend, Mr. Impossiable, He came back stronger than ever. For the past several months Drednaut has been reaclimating to his new powerset and new life. He has been trying to track down a mysteriouse villian who has been stalking him. He suspects that the Nanite tech. that gives him his powers is tied to whoever is hunting him. Most recently, Drednaut was offered a position in a new federal task force under the direction of the F.B.I. The unit is fedearly funded and works in conjuction with state and city police to combat super powered villians in major cities across the nation. The unit, codenamed Legion,(inspired by the Roman Legion, the greatest guard and army in ancient history) is the brain child of the new F.B.I. Director and is designed to fight fire with fire when dealing with the increasing number of crimes perpetrated by super powered assailants. In his new position with the Legion, Drednaut is an acting F.B.I. lead agent atatched to the Void City Bureau. He coordinates with the VCPD, and is responsible for investigating major crimes involving super powered suspects, acting against major threats to the city, PR for the new unit, and recruiting.

Background/History in Void (optional reading-not current info)

Drednaut was originally called Boots N Dreds. He was an Atlantean Avitar. An Avitar is a creature of pure magic that is created to be a protector for the rich or politically important,(think magical Secret Service) usually bound to some type of magical item like a weopon, peice of jewlry, or article of cloathing. When
an Avitar is called by its creators, he can protect them with a sheild of intangibility (like a ghost) Avitars have no self counsiouseness and are basically giant puppets controlled by there creators. Some unseen force in
Void City caused Dreds to slowly become self aware.

Drednaut was originally created by two children with magic from a pair of gloves and boots that used to belong to there parents. The family of four were Royal refugees from the lost city of Atlantis hiding in Void city. As Drednaut grew an understanding he eventually became self-aware. When it was safe for his family to return home he remained in Void city. But his past caught up with him and he was attacked by soldiers loyal to the king who sought his family's destruction in Atlantis. (See Drednaut vs Indigo battle)
Hoping to use his magical knowledge and information of the Royals location, the king ordered Drednaut be brought before him in Atlantis unharmed. But he was mortally wounded and died before the king could extract any information from him. What the dark king didn't know was that Drednaut used his magical knowledge to transfer his consciousness into a damaged droid soldier moments before his attackers carried his body away. Trapped in the shell of a damaged battle droid, Drednaut’s mobility was extremely debilitated. So he contacted an old friend for help. His friend, Mr. Impossible, began a search for a new host body for his fallen ally. (See Harriet Glauben vs White Dwarf).
Eventually, Mr. Impossible’s investigation led him to a fighter named the Mechanic. The Mechanic arranged a meeting with his employer Mr. Cogg. At that meeting a deal was struck. Mr. Impossible traded the damaged but highly advanced Atlantis technology for the DNA sample of Drednaut taken by the Mechanic sometime before (See Mechanic vs Drednaut battle)
as well as all the records and research that had been done using it. Drednaut was able to use what little magic he had left to regenerate using the DNA sample. He is alive, but at a great cost. During his regeneration he lost all of the magic that tied him to Atlantis. For the first time he was a normal man with no great power or immortality. He did have the experimental technology given to him by Mr. Cogg that had been combined with strands of his DNA sample. Though Drednaut and Mr. Impossiable were skepticle of Mr. Cogg's willingness to give up the obviously unique technowledgy. It was a syringe injector containing advanced nanites that are designed to clone and replicate the powers inherent in the DNA sequencing. But since the powers were based off magical properties the effect is unknown and technology untested. Not knowing how to live his life as a mortal, Drednaut used the injection. The effect was successful in part. He regained his superhuman strength, endurance, physical prowess, and heightened senses. But he lost his ability to fly as well as his invulnerability. But the nanites did have some mechanical side effects. They gave him an unnaturally rapid healing rate. He also learned he had the ability to create stabbing and ranged weapons out of his arms and hands. Though these new powers were valuable, he expieriences pain whenevr the nanites heal or transform his limbs and hands. He hopes that in time the painwill subside but he doesnt even now if the effect will last. Mr. Cogg claimed to have no sucsess replicating the nanites or adapting them with great effect to any living DNA. o Drednaut is forced to start over, uncertain onceagain of his future or place in Void City.

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