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RedBlood Phill thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'6
 Created: Prior to recording
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Occupation: Unemployed Bounty Hunter
Affiliation: The Exiles (disbanded)
Weapon of choice: Duel Broadswords

Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 180 lbs (580 lbs with coat on)
Blood type: ???
Eye color: Brown right eye, light brown left eye (partially blind in the left eye)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Fur Color: Grey with brown patches on elbows, knees, chest, and shoulders.

Abilities: Able to run at extreme speeds, amazingly flexible and quick. can tolerate most pain, multiple weapons, claws, cat-like abilities, and powerful leg strength.
Weaknesses: Arm strength is considerably weak compared to his leg strength, has insectophobia, almost blind in his left eye, and short temperament.

Personality: Often relaxed, not phased easily by any opponent he encounters regardless of brute strenght or powers, but isn't stupid. Despite being a bit temperamental and quick to a fight he has taken the time to calm himself in the last few months in order to avoid confrontations. If pushed to the limit however he has no problem in attacking the source of his stress. When not fighting he often writes in his spare time in his journal, what he writes never gets shown to others and he hides it with the up most care, he's the type of person who tends to hide his emotions from others and prefers not to talk to people unless he is with someone he trusts.

Beliefs: Despite a short tempter, he does not believe in using violence as a means to get ahead in life and would rather avoid a fight if anything. Despises those who kill for an unjust cause and believes that killing should only be acceptable if your own life was on the line, even then he believes that death isn't the answer to those situations and will willingly seek out anybody who has taken the life of somebody else without a justifiable cause. He also despises the fact that he was responsible for killing gum, but is unaware that G.U.M. is currently alive.

Inventory: Journal, duel broadswords, weighted coat, Bicycle helmet, shoe attachments (prefers to not wear shoes), S&W Hand cannon, DS game console with handful of games, and normally less than $100 (due to unemployment and unsuccessful bounty hunting).

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