Phaze | Characters

Phaze | Characters

Phaze thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 5'9 ft
 Created: Prior to recording
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powers:(sun / moon based)
when the sun is out phaze has the following powers to use.

heat blast
heat increase

when the moon is out phase has the following powers to use
shadow port
shadow meld(form objects out of shadows and use as weapons)
night vision
fog and mist form

journal:I understand nothing here in void, crime is expected and villians roam around freely. I can nolonger tolerate nor stand these actions. I decide to take justice into my own hands, i make myself a costume using the nanos in my previous suit.
I will still keep the name that was label on my containment unit "Phaze".
Through starting this new lifestyle i met too fellow followers of justice....ponbiki and konuchuman.
I have teamed up with them and now we take on the evils of void together.......maybe this is my purpose

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