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Angelique Aoi thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'7"
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: Angelique Aoi
Nick Name: Angie
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Right one is brown, the left is solid white but will change to red.

Personality: She is a nice but quiet person, and can be very shy. Yet, when confronted, she becomes vicious.

Bio: Angelique comes from a family of mixed race. Her mother was a French fencer and her father was a Japanese artist. They were together until she turned 10, then separated, leaving Angelique with her mother. The relationship between her and her mother was very strained. Whenever Angelique cut herself, her mother would scream in horror and yell at her for being stupid. She soon after had anything the blood touched burned or thrown away.

Angelique was sent to a Catholic boarding school two years later. She hated it there, and attempted many times to escape. When she turned 18, she met a young priest named Seth. Angelique fell in love with the handsome young man. She never got to know if he had interest in her as well, because one of the nuns found her diary. In it where many love letters she had written for him (but never sent). Seth was sent away and Angelique was sent back to her mother.

When she tried to find Seth, her mother locked her into her room. Angelique became suicidal. One night she broke out of her room and went down to where her mother kept her fencing trophies. She tried to stab herself through the heart with her mother's prized epee. To her shock, it didn’t kill her. The blade passed through her flesh without pain. She withdrew the blade and saw her blood was clinging to it like it was alive. With a bright flash of light, the blood erupted into energy. Angelique did what any other person would do at that moment: faint.

The mother found the dazed Angelique the next morning still in the trophy room, asleep. A transformation had occurred. A very small pair of red, crystal like wings had sprouted on her back. The mother took one of her trophies to bash in her head, but Angelique awoke just in time. She instinct fully stabbed her with the sword, not realizing who it was. Her mother died in moments. Angelique left home that day and has never returned since.

Likes: Strawberry shortcake, fencing, poetry, apples, raspberry tarts, reading, nice quiet places, and kittens.

Dislikes: Rude men, nuns, puppy kickers, being hit on, closed places.

Power: Her blood is like an enity of its own. It helps her by forming weapons like her sword or defence like her wings. The wings can chage size, counting upon need.

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