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Michael 22 thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'1''
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: Michael 22
Weight: Depends on how much he ate that day
Alias: Red, 22, and "Hey You"
Occupation: Manager of the "Moon Meanie"

Currently: Through some twist of fate, 22 has acquired the "Moon Meanie" a bar and hotel in Void City. He has been working hard to make sure that it is well staffed and frequented by some of the finest fighters void has to offer. Though it is a hotel, it has payment plans that range from Hourly, Daily, and Monthly to have an apartment feel.

Currently employed at the Meanie are Konchuu-man (in nerd/non costume mode form) as the janitor and Demon Mage Tess as the mechanic.
Help always wanted, apply today
more to come on this later...

Not-So Currently: 22 has received a hit list that has his name as well as several other Void Fighters on it. 22 decided that he should keep an eye on the other people on the list to make sure that they are alright and if who ever attacks them does so, he would be able to join the battle and help if needed. After the 2005 tournament 22 received word that the hit list came from Estrella D’ Muerte and that he should no longer concern himself with it.

Fighting Style:
Short Version – 22 can copy others moves and powers after he sees it once.

Long Version – He is able to duplicate an opponent’s moves and powers if he sees it once or twice. What does this mean? Well it means that 22 can perform the same move he just saw almost perfectly right after he sees it, depending on the difficulty of the move. Though traditional moves (martial arts moves for example) take little of his energy, the more powerful moves (such as Estrella’s matter manipulation) can leave him feeling light headed to complete exhaustion depending on the severity of the move. Though his duplicated moves aren’t as effective as the original they still pack a punch. He has also seen and copied several types of fighting styles, including hand to hand and various weapons, and can use anyone of them.

Other Stuff: Though he is an okay fighter, he prefers to lay back and relax. If a friend of his is threatened or in danger, he will risk his life if need be to protect them. Occasionally known as a strategist, because he is able to devise a plan of action appropriate to his opponent, and has also been able to find an opponent’s weakness by watching them fight.

Before Void: Rumor has it that he was once a swords man that left his swords and a friend/rival behind. The reason this was done is a mystery.

Likes: Women, his friends, cherry soda, cheese pizza, chess, and relaxing.
Dislikes: Diet soda.

more to come later... maybe

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