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Kot by Lyme
Kot thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'10
 Created: September 14, 2018
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Kot is one of several servants of 'the Handler', a somewhat omniscient being that cannot leave its home realm. While the Handler claims to have some sort of grand vision, it's not clear what that so-called vision could be. Missions on which Kot is sent vary wildly in theme, from the mostly benign, to seemingly altruistic, to outright murderous in nature. Perhaps even more puzzling, the Handler’s errands often seem nonsensical or contradictory in nature.

On the surface Kot appears to simply be an upbeat man with a charitable spirit. However, underneath Kot's facade of glib charm and cheery mannerisms- lays a deeply irritable misanthrope

While serving in the Fabrikant martial caste Kot was professionally trained in the tools of the espionage trade. Thanks to this history, Kot is a master of the art of deception. Acting prowess and quick wit are the sharpest blades among Kot’s arsenal, so naturally, his primary m/o is to manipulate those around him via elaborate lies, aliases, disguises, and cons. Far from a pacifist, however, Kot is prone to making snap decisions and acting on reckless impulses. While this can occasionally go well, it often culminates in Kot showing his hand, and a bloodbath to go along with it. It’s during these “shoot them all, sort it out later” episodes which Kot’s seemingly nihilistic tendencies manifest, and it’s also where his plans tend to go most awry.

In a city like void, it’s the people you know that make or break you. Therefore, Kot is always looking to get in good with the key players. Trust is a powerful asset to have, especially when bountiful opportunities tend to lay only a back-stab away. It is for that reason that Kot can be found moving among the sketchier parts of Void’s nightlife when not on mission. Occasionally running dirty errands for crime lords in his free time.

Kot believes that fate will catch up to him one day, but he seems to justify his reprehensible actions by assuring himself that all the mayhem and bodies that pile up in his wake are a necessary evil.

It's not clear if that sentiment is an honest one.

Miscellaneous (deep lore) info:

- The Fabrikant empire, while extremely technologically advanced is an isolationist, autocratic, dystopia plagued by internal conflict. Only a small population, known as the exiled, are banished from its home dimension. Often they are political dissidents.

- Fabrikant culture has a deeply rooted bigotry towards magic and its users. Despite being exiled from his people for most of his life, Kot is still somewhat dour towards mages, and would feel intense disgust if touched by any spell.

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