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Sister Kiteria thumbnail  Gender: female
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: August 6, 2018
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Sister Kiteria is a nun with a very dark past and present. She wields two ornate mausers that she uses to cleanse Void City of abominations. During the day she performs her duties and prays intently for the salvation of all souls, and at night, she tries to take down vampires, werewolves, demons, and all sorts of offenses to the Light before they can harm any more innocents.
"What about 'Thou shalt not kill', Sister Kiteria?"
"This is a Holy War, and I will not let souls fall prey to evils."

She's quite athletic, and is a very good shot. She obtains special bullets for her work: silver, doused in holy water, engraved with the prayer of St. Benedict for exorcism. This makes her highly effective against most supernatural foes, though on occasion, her left gun, which was not originally hers, will jam, and a foe will be spared.

She is cold to those who refuse to change for the better, and doesn't much care for magic users, or metas at all. She feels Void city is a place that needs the most prayer because there are people here living so selfishly. If you're a hero? She may accept you using your "gifts" for good. Anything else, and you may find yourself a target. This is a very strict and thin line, almost cruelly so.

As a nun, she loves rules, she loves structure, and she is a big fan of baking all sorts of sweets and breads to give to children, the homeless, and of course the priests and other nuns. Though she has taken a vow of poverty, she works her hardest to be able to provide for these people.

It is currently unknown how she obtains her ammunition. Her guns and night patrol suit are hidden in a secret compartment in her room.

Open to scar matches. Messaging me on Discord is faster to set them up. Kiteria is looking forward to cleansing you of sin.

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