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Akira Matzugi thumbnail  Gender: M
 Height: 5'3
 Created: April 9, 2018
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Akira Matzugi
True Age: 30-something
Apperent Age: Eternally 22

Species: Vampire, Specifically the "Xāthity̒" bloodline.

A clubhost and crossdressing, in your face, smile like the sun socialite and Alt Fashion aficionado, Akira runs the Spiders Bite. A popular nightclub that caters to a lot of the alternative crowd but accepts all walks of life. More importantly however, is that its actually a Vampire hangout, with rooms accessed only by "Special VIP's" and their "Dates". Akira keeps things above board however, no killing, maiming or similair stuff on the club properties. He also keeps some of the "Good red" on tap for those that are less picky about getting it from the source.

Akira is a pretty different breed of Vampire. His Sire, a woman named Boonsri, is of the "Xāthity̒" bloodline. The Xāthity bloodline is a daywalking breed, but lack a lot of the strengths of most vampires. They heal slower then the average vampire, having to gorge themselves on blood quite extensively to even come close to some of the more physically powerfull clans and bloodlines. They lack the ability to transform and their strength is negligibly different then a humans.

They are however, Radiant. Their powers lie on the social and mental plane. Aside from being fully capable of functioning in the Sun, they passively draw everyone around them to like them and feel at ease around them. This effect is amplified the more attention they get. A Xathity Elder, can basicly turn a room a into willing servants with a smile. Another strength they have that is pretty unique to their particular bloodline is their ability to siphon information from the blood they drink. The more they drink of a persons blood, the more they learn about them. Drink enough of a persons blood and that persons most intimate feelings and memories will be known to the Xathity vampire.

Obviusly, Akira is super green, so his powers are much more limited.

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