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 Created: May 31, 2005
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The Elementals are among the most powerful soldiers in the Clan of the Dragon. Once a soldier has proven himself worthy he is offered the choice to exchange his body and his soul for complete power.

Using stolen technology and sourcery the elite of Black Dragon's army lose everything that made them human in order to become a complete force of nature. Only the skulls of the men they once were remain, however even the substance of the skull is changed to relfect the elemental power.

Though their bodies are formless they can not assume anyshape they wish. The hulking figure with a skull face is the most human shape they can aquire. They can however increase their size or mass so long as there is additional matter of thier element for them to absorb. Having total mastery of their element they can manipulate it even if it's not a part of them. An air elemental could 'solidify' the air around an opponent, binding them. A water elemental could remove all the moisture from a man's body.

The elementals, while powerful, have lost all of thier humanity and much of their minds. Very little intellegence remains, but then, it doesnt take a master stratagist to cause your enemies to combust into flames like the fire elemental.

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