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 Height: 6'0" & 7'1"
 Created: January 13, 2018
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Name: Aleyjah (Ah-Le-Shii-Ah) Yu'Nikaya (Maiden: Gracca'ano)
Age: 27
Deity: Mesarthim
Bio: The leader of the City of Mesarthim, Aleyjah Yu'Nikaya rules with a compassionate heart and a silent yet strong will. Aleyjah is typically very hard to understand. Born a mute, one would think that body language would be used to make up for the lack of spoken word, but even so, the Chief heavily prefers to be hard to read. It helps keep people at a distance where she can rather watch than interact. Probably better that way, for she has a very short fuse and a fairly high temper. However, this does not affect her competency to lead in any kind of way. Aleyjah never fails to deliver on expectations and takes her job very seriously. She works hard every day. One might say she is a workaholic.
She has a serious demeanor around everyone else aside her family and her husband. Despite being mute, she makes sure her husband knows of her undying love for him.

Gear: Heavy Greatsword - Double edged and sharpened to perfection. The weapon is very well kept, a heirloom, passed down and renewed over many generations.
Renewed Armor - Also a family heirloom, it is fairly lightweight and flexible, while also giving a good amount of protection.

Name: Sukri (Sue-Cree) Yu'Nikaya
Age: 30
Deity: Mesarthim
Bio: Sukri Yu'Nikaya, the husband to the chief, is one of the most skilled hunters in the city. He has hunted even the most viscous of predators and succeeded in his catch. Excelling in archery and hand-to-hand combat, he worked his way up in standing after getting punished to be the City Hall janitor. There, he got to know Aleyjah and fell madly in love with her. He fought tooth an nail to prove his love and won the heart of the ever-serious woman of his dreams over time. Although a serious man himself, he turns into a giant puppy under her attention. He is now also considered one of her translators/spokesman, alongside his sister-in-law.

Gear: Recurve Bow & Arrows - His preferred choice of weapon. He very often has it with him seeing as one of his professions is a hunter.
Daggers - Hidden in his wolf pelt, carving daggers for skinning animals.
Medicinal Kits - Basic first aid kits, containing gauze, herbal poultice, sewing kit, and balm.

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