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Niles Khairi  thumbnail  Gender: Nonbinary
 Height: 5'2"
 Created: December 17, 2017
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Niles Khairi/Saab -- 26 y/o -- They/He/She -- African American Palestinian

Niles: Acts much more friendly and sweet, yet following the role of the lackey more prone to be violent and bloody.
Saab: Formal and straight-to-the-point, sassy and rude.
(Note, ultimately this is one person trying to be two different people at once.)

Niles, through ways unorthodox, entered an entirely new universe that contains magic. But as an "Outlier" of that universe, something that should not exist, magic has balanced things out by gifting him a monster form, which he identifies as “Saab”. But now he's out of that universe, somehow, and in Void!

Using the two identities, Niles and Saab form a lackey and boss relationship as information brokers, looking to gain money and continue focusing on the study of magic.

Has trouble discerning that he and Saab are the same person sometimes.

(From oldest comic to latest, *=Not my comic)
Self-Confident: Niles meets his hallucination, 'Smokey', the two reflect on his poor decisions.
Oh Woe is Worm: Niles meets Wictor, they strike up a friendship of sorts.
Φη vs. Niles Khairi: After narrowly avoiding being killed via becoming Saab, he figures following bad romance cases aren't his style. He also, takes a corpse home.
*Harlow Ironlocke vs. Wictor: Harlow broke into Niles' house, and while Niles was quite laid back in reaction, she does hold a certain anger towards this event.

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