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Cadenza thumbnail  Sex: female
 Height: 5'3
 Created: October 14, 2017
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Age: 19

In a dimension tied with that of earth, an isolated city of music personified had emerged. Within the tall soundproof walls of the city-state, Humanoids and sentient instruments live together in districts. Each district is made of musical genres with Classical Music in the center of the city as the ruling genre. As time passes, Music evolves and so do the citizen's taste. Now, the ruling class is facing a large scale civil war as everyone wants territory for their ever growing list of sub genres.

Cadenza is the daughter of the current ruler and the only one in her family that cares about the situation at hand. Feeling at a loss, she turns to forbidden magic to find a solution. In the process, she accidentally opens portals all over void city that leads to Music City. Now, she scrambles to hop in and out of void to manually close the portals before unwanted guest start showing up.

Cadenza is proud, stubborn, and pushy, dedicating her life to her magical studies over all else. She holds herself to high standards so mistakes weigh heavily on her mind and is hellbent to correct them and right her wrongs. Despite living in high society her whole life, she uneasy with her peers’ self indulgent attitudes and lack of concern for the other citizens. It doesn’t mean she is free of the spoiled nature that comes from a privileged life and can come off as a brat.

Powers: A Conductor in her society is a person that studies magic. The limits of magic based on sounds is her own skill and imagination to find new ways to implement it. Spells are cast using musical terms or tomes for more powerful magic. The ability to be a Conductor is is a common trait within the classical district, which is why they consider themselves hot shit but a few from other genres do pop up every blue moon.

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