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Marie thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 1m50
 Created: March 20, 2017
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Name: Marie Karunen
Age: 23
Nationality: Void/Finnish
Species: Human
Designation: Rune Witch. Specialized in Occult and Old Lores
Occupation: Detective for the Paranormal Section of the NVCPD

She's a very no-nonsense person with a sense of efficiency that flirts with acidic sarcasm and wit. She has a professionalism that mix duty and heavy criticism, and never trust people she judges less qualified than her on her own turf, earning her the nickname of "thug with a badge" or "angry gremlin"
She mistrusts the omnipotence of tech and always take notes and indices the old-fashioned way. She joined the NVCPD after Meteor day and struggled to reach the inspector grade because of her unconventional methods. she considers that the magic aspect of crimes is not taken seriously and make efforts to make them more relevant.

Skill-wise, she is incredibly well versed in magic and runes. She has countless runes tattooed on her skin, that become visible only when used. She has literally an encyclopedia of spells on her skin. She is also experienced in Psychometry: the ability to see the "historic" of objects she touches, and instantaneously learns how to use those objects to maximum efficiency. Marie also has lots of close combat skills and has a heavy hand when facing criminals.

Marie is an abrasive person with few friends but lot of trusted partners. She does make effort in her own weird way to socialize, ever since a certain trip to Hell. She frequently goes out in the city at night to have drinks in her favorite bars and pubs.

UPDATE: after getting suspended for two months for not following protocol, Marie teamed with SHizana to resolves a case that led them both straight to Hell. Marie sort of befriended Shizana, but also got infected by a strange matter that seems to be amplifying her magic, with the side-effect of causing an increasing pain the longer she uses it. She lost her magic arresting Wizzie bell ( Wizzie side of Magic Mayhem round 2) and she continues her job without powers for the moment.

Likes: Her job. Runes. Magic. Salmon. Cheap cigarettes. Metal music. Medieval Martial Arts. Sex. Alcohol
Dislikes: rude spoiled brats. Techno-haughty asses. shitty hentais. warm beer. virgin jocks trying to flirt like bricks. vegans (don't diss the salmon !)

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