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Tyidid thumbnail  Sex: Approximately Male
 Height: 4'6"
 Created: February 24, 2017
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Not much is known about Tyidid. He is a dark figure clothed in both scarves and mystery, whose wisdom is beyond his age. Him and his wagon travel across Void City, peddling out obscure items from across the universe. His actions are humble, but behind those beady, floating�perhaps they were human once?�orbs, it is obvious that he has seen things beyond imagining, witnessed events beyond explanation, and�

Hahahah, yeah, like 90% of that is BS.

Tyidid is actually a 6 year old (about 7.3 years old in Earth years) (Biologically equivalent to a human 25-year-old) alien�a Wetanik, to be exact�who has always had great aspirations to be a mystic, wise person. He arrived on Earth to pursue these dreams in a place where no one knows who he is or what is to be expected of him. It also gives him a good chance to fulfill himself as a huge numismatic; as such, he's devoted himself to the trade of trade: buying and selling trinkets from the most hidden curios in town, as well as miscellaneous goods on the interstellar market that Void Citizens likely have never seen before. He carries his wares with him around town in a mobile shop that also doubles as his house, which is fairly easy for him, as his race can commonly lift a ton over their head without too much of a struggle.

Throughout this, Tyidid tries to keep as much of himself and his personality hidden to those around him, but unfortunately, he's not very good at that. At his core, Tyidid is a very emotional person: he feels heavy sympathy, is prone to getting flustered, and becomes enamored and smitten very easily. Breaching his facade is easy, but, come on, you don't want to do that to the poor man. That facade's his life and joy. He might get a bit mad, but probably he'll just be real sad.

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