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Samira Williams thumbnail  Sex: Female
 Height: Tall
 Created: December 26, 2016
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Crude, brash and foul-mouthed, Samira is a rough delinquent with a sadistic and bloodthirsty heart. She has little interest in doing good and more into causing as much damage and attention as she can without a care for other people's well being. She holds a very disinterested and bored face with a taste of saying witty one-liners and just being a smartass in general.

Although her childhood was not a happy one, she refuses to use it as an excuse for her actions and will proudly take any consequences for her actions. Life is a thrill ride and should be spent making the most of it, which for Samira means ruining everyone's lives (also indulging in adult-like activities such as drinking and smoking).

She prefers being in her human form while doing mundane things but when it comes to causing trouble, she turns into her hyena form as, in her own words, "its easier to get the job done". She doesn't fear anyone and will treat anyone as inferior to her, especially men. The only people excluded from this is her mother and anyone who manages to overwhelm her.

> OCT Round 1, "VS Zoey": Underestimates the chicken and gets sliced up to death by a dungeon trap. Her story doesn't end here.
> There's No Tomorrow, Samira finds herself in The Void and adapts pretty well.

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