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The Gray Owl thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'7
 Created: December 20, 2016
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The corporate elite of the city, the lawmakers, movers and shakers, all know well the legend of the Gray Owl, a silent being who slays those at the top of the social foodchain. Some are uncertain how real he is. Some dismiss him as an assassin hired by those who seek a faster rise up the ladder. Some believe he is a spirit who feeds off greed, punishing those who attain wealth and power at the expense of those less fortunate. Some even claim he is indeed an enormous spectral owl.

Revu Marcs was a soldier of a small Roclan village. One day, a massive fish-shaped meteor fell from the sky onto the Void region. But a piece of this meteor broke off in the atmosphere and landed in the heart of the Roclan village. The more religious members of the tribe saw it as a gift from the Roc (gigantic eagle) goddess Anqa. Then came the ships from New Void City, filled with miners and mercenaries and corporate interests, intent on taking the minerals that have scattered across Roclan lands, claiming as theirs. The devout refused to negotiate, and tensions flared until a Roclan child was accidentally shot. This led to chaos, and the executive decision to purge the village and take the minerals by force. Revu was the sole survivor. The courts, bought off, robbed him of justice. Many years later, the man would return to society with a sole mission; revenge.

Revu is a trained killing machine, studying and practicing in martial arts, improvising weapons, stealth, assassination, electronics and engineering. His owl-like wings allow him to fly without making a sound, to swoop down on targets without warning. His swords are made of a mysterious metal that can negate energies, and nullify the effects of special minerals like Hiemium. Revu is an extremely cautious and calculating hunter; he never battles an opponent he 1) does not know how to defeat and/or 2) lacks the means to do so. The Gray Owl will spend weeks perfecting a plan of action and developing gadgets and tools specially designed to take out his targets. If things get too hot, or if new factors change the parameters of his mission, he does not risk capture or death and will escape to kill another day. As a Roclan, he has incredible eyesight and grip. His owl-like subspecies also has exceptional hearing.

Revu's public identity is that of a physically shorter (about 5'11") college professor in linguistics. Revu knows more languages than most know exist. He is kind and friendly and always willing to help those in need, though he pretends to be fragile and a wimp in combat. His wing color is black and built like that of a crow or raven under his public identity, as well as his height being altered. This poindexter persona is stark contrast to the man he is under the Gray Owl mask, who is cold and brutal. As his targets are of a particular sin, he refrains from the killing of innocents and lower class citizens when he is able.

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