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 Height: 5'5 / 5'2
 Created: August 28, 2016
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Sunder and Maree are twins who decided to leave their home planet in search of a challenge. They are members of a race known as Bakarii, notorious for being exceptionally violent and horrifyingly strong.

The older of the two, he is a bit cynical and doesn't like to do things that he considers a waste of time. Compared to other members of his race he isn't particularly strong, but what he lacks in strength he makes up for in strategy. Sunder isn't a big fan of fighting, he will gladly let his sister step in and take his fights. He still relishes a good fight, but only one that is on equal footing. Sunder enjoys star gazing and misses his home planet. He is also surprisingly good with kids, and can be excessively protective of anyone that he perceives as a kid.

Unlike her brother who will avoid a battle if the opponent wont prove a challenge, Maree will fight with anyone and anything. Her monstrous strength results in her literally tearing her enemies apart. Maree lives to fight, and has very little interest in anything else. She finds her brothers hobbies a bit odd, but never brings it up. Maree greatly looks up to her brother and will follow him where ever he goes. While her brother doesn't believe in the superstitions from their culture Maree does. She believes that after killing a foe that it is extremely disrespectful to not eat a part of their body.

Maree and Sunder both have very little qualms about killing. They see it as just the natural order of things, the strong kill the weak and the weak get killed by the strong. Both of them are very protective of each other, and will do anything to protect the other.

Super strength, near impenetrable skin, bones like concrete, can resist extreme temperatures, can fire lazers from their mouths.
almost no regenerative abilities, not very smart

more info on the Bakarii

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