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Mr. Murder thumbnail  Gender: Mister
 Height: 2'0
 Created: July 14, 2016
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If you need a square meal, you call Mr. Cook. If you need a light fixed, you call Mr. Electrician. And if you need someone killed, you call Mr. Murder.

Mr. Murder was the most dangerous man Lovelytown ever produced. A cog in an efficient machine, keeping it greased and moving in his own way, not unlike Mr. Baker or Mr. Barber. While the happy little inhabitants of Lovelytown never knew of him, they definitely knew of his work. After murdering the wealthy Mr. Cheery, who previously held the monopoly on Sunshine, all the political lines of Lovelytown shifted, and in the ensuing power vacuum the happy little bureaucrats and happy little criminals grabbed as much as they could.

Among those was Mr. Sneak, a dirty rat-bastard and the man who hired Mr. Murder to kill Mr. Cheery in the first place. Mr. Sneak spread out his criminal empire far and wide, eventually becoming the majority owner of not only Sunshine, but Flowers, Moonshine, and Love. Mr. Murder was in Mr. Sneak's employ and the driving force behind Mr. Sneak's rise in power.

The professional relationship between Mr. Murder and Mr. Sneak was no shared enjoyment, no friendship. But it was a necessary component for Mr. Sneak's climb to the top of Lovelytown. A business expense, in the eyes of the conniving Mr. Sneak. But it worked, until Mr. Murder had killed everyone that stood in the way of Mr. Sneak, until he finally climbed to the top of the mountain of bodies and stood the victor, as mayor of Lovelytown.

Yet, Mr. Sneak had one last target before he was truly safe. Mr. Sneak was conniving, shifty, and above all else paranoid. He had no use at the top for a dog that called no man master and he sought Mr. Murder's destruction. He sent his goons for Mr. Murder. He sent his police, his lawyers, and the entire public force of Lovelytown that bowed to the mayor's will.

Mr. Murder was undeterred. He has escaped to Void City and is beginning his consolidation of power. He will not rest, he will not stop, until he has enacted his revenge on the ratbastard Mr. Sneak. Because he was the most dangerous man Lovelytown ever produced, but now he is the most dangerous man in Void City and woe betide anyone that finds themselves at the end of his knife.

Mr. Murder is the master of murder. However, he's able to commit larceny, theft, assault, battery, tax evasion, tax fraud, and any other criminal exercise with ease. He has a luxury mustache.

Mr. Murder doesn't actually speak, however, the narrator is does a more than adequate job of conveying information to everyone.

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