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Click Lyric thumbnail  Sex: Dude
 Height: 4'2
 Created: June 17, 2016
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Click says he's a hero, but he's honestly more of an entertainer at heart, he's over the top, acrobatic, likes meeting new people and loooves playing a crowd! He's also got quite the loudmouth, often speaking WELL before he thinks most of the time. Still, his hearts in the right place and he does whatever he can to help folks out, including entering the fray of battle despite being kind of a scaredy cat.


Super speed and agility- At full tilt Click can easily hit sixty something mph, HE FAST.
Reflexes- Comes with the speed, otherwise he'd be running into walls 24/7
Improv- He's gotta talent for thinking on his feet and using his environment to his advantage!
Aim- Click is a crackshot with his revolvers, even using his rubber bullets to make ricochet shots.
Lighten the load- Click has the power to remove 80lbs total off anything he touches, as well as himself,
by removing his own weight he can push himself to greater speeds using his guns! He would have to fire 364444444 shots to reach light speed with out resistance and in 351.5 days


Click is a wimp! He's both physically weak and fragile and not able to deal or take a whole lotta damage. on top of that as mentioned he's abit of coward and it's pretty easy to intimidate him and force him on the defensive. Also, when using his power on himself he's pretty vulnerable, as at 0lbs even a small child could kick him into the stratosphere.

Also he works at Void postal, which almost no one remembers exists.

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