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Serephina Lynch thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'7
 Created: June 10, 2016
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Name: Serephina Lynch (not common knowledge)
Other names: The Gold Witch, The Cat-mask theif, bitch
Bio: Trapped in another dimension with her only access being through a cat mask that takes over and converts the bodies of anyone who puts it on to her own. Sere is mercurial and unpredictable, and just as likely to be a harmless annoyance as a deadly killer. She's easily bored and almost certainly addicted to adrenaline, but has an extreme soft spot for small children. She's become the most recent mass thief in Void city, amassing gold compulsively and in as large quantities as possible for unknown purposes. Her favorite past-time is harassing random strangers and takes particular fun grossing them out with her contortion abilities and generally being a discomfort. She seems unable or unwilling to speak very much, and generally only does so for the greatest of emphasis and in single small words, but is very expressive and willing to communicate with body language.
- Mask (Who she refers to like a person simply named Cat) takes over bodies, can make short jumps unprovoked and move on its own a little but pretty much must be near someone.
---- Its hold can be disrupted by a firm hit to the center of it's forehead (the dot is a good place to aim,) but good luck hitting her.
---- Sere can choose to keep the original body if she finds it particularly useful, usually due to supernatural abilities or skills, but does so rarely. It's easier to disrupt her hold like this and host may have vague memories of what she was doing.
---- Damage does not carry over to either Sere's form or her host's unless she has chosen not to remodel the body into her own. Sere's body is essentially new each time unless an attack can reach her true form in another dimension through the connection somehow. Psychic attacks are dampened generally due to distance, but effective on the true Sere.
- Telekinetic control over Gold, which can also fuel more complex spells and magic that you might see in a more traditional spell-caster, but she seems extremely reluctant waste any doing so.
- Can lengthen/broaden her sleeves and use them like tentacles
- Insane acrobatic ability
- Reaction times nearing precognition
- A disturbing amount of full-body flexibility.
- Very good with knives and fond of them over other weapons, though not dependent on them alone.

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