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The Fool thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 6'4
 Created: June 9, 2016
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2017 REVAMP: Finally got around to editing the bio from its original listing to match the current "incarnation" of the time of edits. Invitational 2016 comics are still considered canon but the circumstances may be different. Previous design used is STILL canon, just not used as of now.

Real Name: Camille Lachance (She reacts poorly to this name)
Age: 26 (20 in appearance)
Race: Doll, Demigod class (Info here:
Once an ordinary girl who lived an ordinary life, she learns a horrible truth about her reality and her peaceful world is shattered. After a series of slippery slopes and an extraordinary amount of loss within a short time, she ends up in the cult of 'The Demoness', who teaches her the "true" reality of the world.

Personality: Initially a quiet and kind-hearted girl, Fool has grown bitter and angry about the unfair circumstances resulting in her current life on the run and in the streets. Quick to anger and secretly sensitive to most comments, she's incredibly aggressive to those she doesn't find trustworthy and incredibly defensive whenever someone challenges her way of thinking. Although she has an immediate dislike/discomfort towards adults/adult-like figures, young children (or child-like) and generally anything she doesn't see as a threat tends to put her at ease and even have her show a protective side.
Remnants of her original personality is sometimes brought out during certain situations but is usually covered by all the self-hate, anger and alcoholism.

Abilities: Fool's main ability is her immortality, being able to take near all deaths and damage as well as being immune to nearly all illnesses and what not. However, the greater the damage she takes, the longer amount of time it takes for her to regenerate (i.e a stab wound may take a few minutes or so to her body being blown up taking weeks or even months). She has grown some sort of pain tolerance to the injuries she had taken but some cases are still a surprise to her.
The only way to dispose of her permanently is to completely burn every part of her body. In a similar situation, attacking her with fire or any heat-based attack ensures a permanent loss/removal at the target of attack (i.e, her left eye).

-After 'Hunter vs The Fool', The Fool disappears from the city after an intense conversation with the reaper. Her whereabouts are unknown.
-'Halloween 2016': Fool was staying in the Miller house under the impression it was abandoned and soon left after the party, out on the streets again.
-'VS Holden': Fool somehow makes a friend in Holden and is introduced into the world of alcohol.
-'Winter 2016': Fool parties her ass too hard and ends up getting matching tramp stamps with Holden.
-'By the Hour': Fool thinks about the past.
-'Valentine's 2017': Fool learns the magic of Valentine's Day by watching people have sex and breaking someone's heart.

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