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Cherry B0MB thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 6'5
 Created: June 8, 2016
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Dahlia K. Strode, also known as Cherry B0MB, is a woman with a somewhat seedy past. After spending several years on the wrong side of the law, she found work from a very generous group and was able to make enough money to get out of the game (mostly) permanently.

Recently, her skills as a "face" for a group of socially stunted individuals has taken a back seat to her love for competitive fighting. Making friends and punching in faces has went over well with CB, so much so that she is now sponsored by several advertisers, which has plastered her face on several street corners. This hasn't been a total blessing because, although the money is coming in, so are past targets from past jobs.

Cherry B0MB is now dealing with this complication to her new life by keeping a low profile. Staying at home training has taken a toll and she's out on the streets once again.

Her fighting is enhanced by her limited magical abilities that grant her enhanced body control. If things look grim, she'll run home to grab her trusty shotgun, Luther.

Magical capabilities are limited to enhanced reflexes, allowing her to catch arrows, enhance her jumping and allowing her to fall from great heights with limited damage reduction. She is also able to essentially wall-crawl, although she mainly uses this ability to run along walls and get away from non-optimal situations if she can.

Luther is just a sawed-off shotgun with red metal and a white stock. Standard shot is loaded in. Being that she rarely uses it, she's not invested too much time or money into the gun, but it holds significant personal value to her.

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