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Clementine Grudgett thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 6' 7
 Created: April 18, 2016
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Clementine is from an apocalyptic world where fear stopped existing in the minds of everything but Clementine herself. Because of the world's lack of fear, there's no real limit to how scary things will get. Disgusting monstrosities, psychotic minds and every being's unquenchable thirst to feel fear again are all that exist in her world.

Clementine wields an arcane mace that she named "Abendstern". Abendstern is a deity of sorts- originally a metallic tree that grew lavender flames. It was worshiped by the humans across the globe; it could hear their prayers and absorb their fear, calming them. At one point, however, the tree self-destructed and scorched the entire earth, taking all the fear with it. Clem holds the last living shard of Abendstern, and uses it to fight.


Clem plays host to Ab. As she fights and grows fearful, Ab utilizes the fear to grow in power and sharpen Clem's combat sense.

She can barely control them, but Clem's connection with Ab gives her various senses and/or powers involving fear. She can see fear, hear it, taste it, feel it. She can absorb fear from others, or inject it into others.

When she is knocked unconscious, Ab will take over Clem's body and grow roots around her right arm, extending it almost down to her ankle. Ab is immensely powerful, but refuses to fight when controlling Clem. He will immediately revert to mace form when she awakens.


Clem is hardly a brave person, and can easily become overwhelmed in unfamiliar situations.

Clem acknowledges Abendtern's existence and attempts to communicate with it, but Ab almost never talks back. Clem is often distressed by this, as it fuels her emotional instability.

Clem isn't used to the social human life, and rarely knows what to do and when to do it.

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