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 Created: Prior to recording
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ETERNES "The Eclipse of Forever"
Age: About 17
Occupation: Scientist
Goal: To create a perfect being, and destroy all lesser ones.
Height: 5ft, 6in.
Weight: 100 lbs.
Occupation: Deviant of Reality
Hobbies: Killing things, reanimating things
Likes: Sunsets and sunrises, deaths and births
Dislikes: Interlopers
Favorite Animal: Butterfly

Personal Quote: “I may not be all that I appear to be, but I am still a scientist. And taking things apart is something we scientists do best.”

Favorite Food: Popsicles

Story: Within the steel and science infested walls of the Genoch Towers scattered across the toxic plains of planet Gunmogg, was the deadly Eternes born. Eternes began as a simple experiment in AI. The Exterior Terrestrial Examination, Recon, and Neural Emancipation Scanner; ETERNES was a device to be used to collect data from whoever it encounters. It had the form of a small wastebasket robot with an optical sensor. On the outside, it was nothing extrodinary, but within its frame, the ETERNES chip was collecting data from anyone and anything it happened across. By examining impulses in the optic nerve, the ETERNES chip could actually tune itself to a particular person's neural frequency. Sort of like: if you looked it in the eye, it could read your mind. Despite its tremendous potential to be a hazard, the inventors of the ETERNES chip decided to enhance the experiment. the most sophisticated electronic brain, deserved the most sophisticated electronic body. Scientist working on an experiment with Nanobots were invited to join the experiment, and they gladly assisted. Nanobots are microscopic robots which function as a singular entity. To the naked eye, they would appear as a sticky silver liquid. Nanobots have the ability to morph into any object of reasonable physical size and weight. Given proper directive, nanobots could be used to accomplish even the most difficult of building procedures. Not a single scientist saw the danger of giving infinite accomplishments in intellect to infinite accomplishment in material, and proceeded to unite the two. The moment a single nanobot was given directive by the ETERNES chip, the experiment went berserk. The nanobots formed into dangerous bladed weapons and began slaughtering the scientists. Then the ETERNES chip took control and manifested into a metallic skeleton. The horrendous creature escaped into the rest of the genoch tower darting down all of the dark corners, until it at last ran into another lifeform; Eclipse Blair. It glared into Eclipse's eyes and learned everything he knew. The monster mutated its nanobot frame into a near exact replica of Elipse, thus Eternes was born. Eternes pummeled Eclipse then stuffed him down a nearby rubbish chute. With the original out of the way, Eternes took over Eclipse's life, and used his hierarchal scientist advantages to gain access to all the material components he needed to achive his ultimate goal; total destruction of planet Gunmogg.

Personality: Eternes is very effeminate with his habits, utilizing his physical appeals and intellectual wiles to acquire anything his cold, metal, heart desires. He frequently invades the personal space of those of a similar gender, knowing that such an act may envoke uncomfortable agreeance upon Eternes's whim. However, despite his dreadful dealings, Eternes does have a heart. However, it is a heart which tells him that he is a freak whom thw world could never accept.

Weapons: Being made of nanobots, gives Eternes great advantage with weaponry. He can create any sort of mechanical object of reasonable size and weight. However, his main advantage comes from his ability to electronically dissapate his body into an electrical status. This alternate form makes Eternes appear as a large dragon-like beast made of green electricity.
He's got little to say, not much personality. He smiles very vaugely on occasion. He's somewhat "pesonable" when faced with something which has adequate DNA. He has a special attack squad of sexy fanservice nurses at his disposal.

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