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ex nihilo thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 10" (50cm)
 Created: January 13, 2016
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Buñip is a formless, mindless demon who now has both a form and a mind. As a bunny, the demon formerly referred to as ex nihilo has lost most of its power and purpose to the natural instincts of its new form. Deep within the recesses of its leporine cerebral structures, the demon still lurks, its only intent to devour the fear of its victims. Because of its physical form, buñip is incapable of expansive distortions of reality that once were its method of hunting. Instead, buñip does its best to project small illusions based on the fears of its victims. The illusions are weak, but the demon is doing its best.

Mostly harmless.

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Ex nihilo is the crudest form of demon. Born when a small piece of snakeskin was torn from the demon Izbaal, ex nihilo went completely unnoticed, and therefore has no knowledge of who or what it is, what its purpose is, or how to use its natural abilities to tempt and destroy humanity. Whereas its siblings are taught to imitate humans and most often take on a somewhat humanoid form, ex nihilo has no comprehension of its own sentience and is unable to maintain any identifiable physical form.

Ex nihilo's only identity lies in its instinctual need to destroy. It uses a combination of reading the thoughts and, most importantly, FEARS of its victims and projecting into its victims' minds in order to distort and recreate reality around them. For most demons, this distortion consists of subtle tricks such as impersonating a friend or loved one in order to trick their victims into doing the demon's bidding. For ex nihilo, however, these projections are little more than raw emotions, fleeting imagery, and heavily-distorted recreations of a victim's own subconscious. As these projections continue, ex nihilo feeds off of its victims' fear and, as their sanity slowly seeps out, ex nihilo feeds off of their mind as well. Finally, when nothing else is left, ex nihilo kills its victims and feeds on their flesh.

While ex nihilo itself looks like little more than a shadow, it can often be found near discarded animal matter, especially shed snake skins.

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