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Jonos Valorous thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'6
 Created: January 10, 2016
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For eons, the Alpha Centurions, most disciplined and noblest of the space-faring races, had brought peace and stability to the far reaches of the galaxy. Each soldier, carefully chosen since birth, a paragon of the best traits that their race has to offer.

Except for Jonos.

Jonos is a %#*@head.

Jonos, instead of entering through his own merits, became a Centurion due to clerical error and nepotism, creating a warrior made of daddy issues, unwarranted machismo and Grade-A *#$% for brains.

Desperate to not have their reputation of martial excellence sullied, the Legionaries Primas have assigned Jonos to a backwater planet known for it’s population of the most vicious and cut-throat creatures the galaxy has ever known: Earth.

As ordered, either Jonos will return victorious as a true Alpha Centurion to enter the Halls of Greatness or he will suffer an embarrassing and ignoble death as some punk-nobody who stole Centurion War-Tech.

Despite his formidable Centurion Battle Armor, Jonos isn't much when compared to an actual Alpha Centurion but is still a scrappy and durable combatant compared to most humanoids. Being used to the heavier gravity of Alpha Centauri, he can take advantage of Earth and jump great heights and leap far distances.

Centurion BattleArmor is some of the most technologically advance fighting equipment in the Galaxy able to turn any wet-eared grunt of a solider into a formidable killing machine with proper instruction. Instruction that Jonos doesn't have but is confident he will learn as the throws of battle take him.

Jonos isn't a people person. In fact he isn't even much of a Centurion person. Abrasive, obnoxious, and with the worse case of inferiority-superiority complex seen outside of most Video Game message boards, he is the personality equivalent of someone dunking a wet wad of paper towel into a occupied toilet stall. The only way you could build him up into something halfway decent would be to beat 12 flavors of #$%@ out of him. Twice.

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