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 Height: 4 foot
 Created: October 1, 2015
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" Orphaned at 6, forced to be an acrobat at 8, bit by vampires, mauled by werewolves, and the rest of him eaten by ghouls at 12 only to be ressurrected by a mad scientist at 13. They can't decide what he classifies under so he's human. "

Kid's Meal was the name given to the boy after being abandoned in the playpen of a fast food place. After a turbulent life of abandonment and exploitation he was placed in captivity, harvested for blood and organs, consumed, and reassembled again by a mad scientist within the VCPD.

Needless to say, the boy now carries an undeniable grudge against monsters and hunts them down relentlessly even if he's reduced to only being a head. He considers this an act of love.

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