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Artie and Burke thumbnail  Sex: Female
 Height: 4'5
 Created: August 29, 2015
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A reaper and demon duo about to take Void City for all the souls it has! Or at least try to.

Artie is a reaper who's been assigned to watch over and assist Burke in her new job of suckering poor mortals out of their souls. Burke is a snarky, loudmouthed fire demon who's worked her way up through the ranks and finally gotten a crack at her dream job despite being less than stellar at it.

Age: Unknown
Sex: Male?
Powers: Can take the form of a person's worst fear (through projection) as a defense mechanism, can collect souls, can kill on contact with an "unmarked" individual
Personality: Generally quiet, attempts to act as a teacher to Burke though all dialogue is unintelligible to others. More of a passive observer who helps in soul collection when required rather than an aggressor but will defend Burke in the event that she is unable to defend herself.

Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Height: 4'5"
Powers: Teleportation, pyrokinesis/sorcery with skill in flame, soul collection with the help of a reaper
Personality: Loud and snarky and very much a go-getter. She wants to do well but isn't afraid to cut corners if she needs to. Very much a talker who doesn't mind instigating a confrontation every now and again just for fun. Not usually one to attack without provocation, would rather talk her target into giving up their soul willingly.

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