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The Smile thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 6'2
 Created: May 19, 2015
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Real Name: Joseph Vilelinko (a.k.a. Joe Vile)

Occupation: Syndicate Retainer, Serial Killer

The Void City mob keeps a stable of special agents on retainer - individuals shown to possess exceptional skills in very particular areas. These agents are given call signs. The Nail. The Tears. The Other Cheek.

Joseph Vilelinko is The Smile. His skills pertain to murder. And at that, he is exceptional.

The Smile is employed by the Void City crime syndicate, and deployed as a last resort when all other attempts at negotiation have failed, or an act of extreme hubris requires a message sent in blood. He got the job after killing a member of the Family, and the seven men sent to avenge him. Recognizing Vile's talents, the syndicate figured if a deadly efficient serial killer was running rampant in Void, he might as well be in their pocket.

Of course, a steady paycheck doesn't keep him from his hobbies. Vile is free to hunt, so long as his targets hold no value to the mob - sentimental or otherwise.

The Smile is seldom seen by anyone in the Syndicate, including other Retainers, and he rarely speaks. This, paired with his reputation, makes him something of a pariah within the Family. Most Dons and other Retainers regard him with uneasy caution, but among the soldiers and associates of the Family, Joe Vile is the bogeyman himself.

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