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Bramble thumbnail  Sex: Female
 Height: 7ft
 Created: August 29, 2014
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Bramble - Speed Death Fighter:

The failed result of synthetic human engineering, Bramble was originally conceived as an attempted human replicant with photosynthetic properties. During her gestation phase, however, her chlorophyll based synthetic genome mutated wildly, pushing her into a new sub-species all her own. With heightened regenerative abilities and accelerated defensive growth, her manufacturers at Kuld Industries inc. switches the focus of the project from medical applications over to its bio-weaponry division. With Void City's Speed Death Tournament on the horizon, they now had the perfect arena to field-test their bizarre creation.

Inside this seemingly hostile creatures in a young and rebellious mind seeking to free the confines of the morally ambiguous corporation that created her. Although she knows she must kill to survive, she ultimately seeks to escape her confines and discover her place in the world.

Bramble can grow, extend and adapt any appendage to fight for survival. Her primary defensive weapons are her vines, however poison and acid are also in her repertoire. The full extent of her evolutionary adaptations have yet to be push to their limits, as seem to be triggered by increased exposure to danger.

Without the need for mammalian digestion, a mouth was never adapted. She can, however, communicate through vibrations in the chitinous membranes of her cranial appendages.

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