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SHREDD thumbnail Title: Armageddon 2004 Winner, Speed Death Tournament Champion 2004
 Sex: Robots dont have sex
 Height: 8ft / 12ft
 Created: Prior to recording
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A super heightened robotic entity-destruction device. Developed by scientists at Telguno City, a technologically advanced metropolis far east of Void. It was originally designed as a prototype for an elite android guard to keep hostile intruders away from Telguno, but it's creator went haywire and attempted to take the project to an entirely new level.
Eventually, it's lust for blood did him in, for he was murdered by it not too long after it's activation. With a fault in it's very-basic AI preventing it from discerning friend from enemy, it went on a rampage, murdering countless citizens in the city until it was eventually captured and sealed away it a bunker underground.
Unfortunately for the citizens of Telguno, an advanced forcefeild built into the creature prevented it from being dismantled and it sat in suspended animation for many years before it's eventual escape. Other than the guards however, nobody else in the city was murdered and it was never heard from again. Sources say it headed west, drawn by the scent of blood to Void City.


During his first weeks in VOID, SHREDD went on a killing spree, winning 6 consecutive death matches against the likes of GEA Gunz, El Squido, Prune and others. Shortly after the death of Prune, he caught the attention of the Red Demon, who challenged him to an all-out brawl in hell. Though victorious, the battle took a heavy toll on his body and much of his back up power had to be diverted to repair the damage. The deadly Water Elemental that attacked him soon after finally proved his undoing. SHREDD defeated it with an electrical kamikaze attack which fried his metal body beyond self-repair...

... But that was not the end.

His fallen body was discovered on the outskirts of VOID and taken back east to Telguno, which had undergone ... new management. Reconstructed with a powerful new transforming body, as well as an enhanced CPU, giving him the ability to reason and speak, SHREDD has been reborn. He returns to VOID, an assassin.


With his newly enhanced mind, SHREDD is a ruthless and cunning warrior. Though he can speak, he doesn't do so unless required to or provoked. He is very ill-tempered, and quickly grows annoyed. He mostly regards other lifeforms as insignificant insects and likes to dispose of them quickly, but people with whom he respects or carries grudges towards, he enjoys to torment and play with.

SHREDD spends most of his time in his compressed, hooded form to remain unnoticed. His new body contains a type of matter-compression device which allows him to be compact. Most of his fighting techniques involve decompressing various limbs as needed and using them to hack the victim to death. It is in rare cases that he decompresses his entire body.

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