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Conway thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 3'
 Created: July 28, 2014
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An old-school minor villain for a small cartoon company, Conway was never a particularly famous character. He and his partner Marty would occasionally show up in their show, trick or swindle the hero into some trouble or out of some important valuables, and usually get out before they could get their just desserts like many of the bigger villains got.

With the company he worked for out of business, color and fancier animation techniques ruling the market, and a lack of need for old-timey villains like himself, Conway moved on to continue his villainous ways in real life. Unlike many toons, he has adjusted fairly well to the changing times by travelling around outside of Toon Town and the various communities, keeping up to date on new practices like e-mail scams and telemarketing fraud. His current favorite practice though is selling faulty guns and weapons throughout Void. He makes a buck and the gun blows up in the buyer's face later on so it can't be used against him if they feel so inclined.


- There is very little he won't do to make money, but he prefers the easy way over the hard way. (i.e., he'd rather trick someone into handing over their money or pick their pocket than pull a weapon on them and risking a fight)

- He reacts fairly comically to getting beaten up or hurt, but his cartoon weapons work like real weapons against real people. He is aware of this and uses them anyway, but sparingly since he prefers it still be funny when they get hurt and there isn't much funny about someone with an over-sized bullet in their gut.

- He still uses old fashion slang but adjusts his speech when people are having trouble understanding him.

-The items from his jacket are always black and white and either fit his theme or fit the gag he's pulling on someone.

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