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Melina thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'5"
 Created: May 13, 2014
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Raised in the heart of Montevino City, Melina’s wealthy parents were able to shield and protect her from the dangers of the world around her until the age of nine. For a time, she lived a life of happiness. She dreamt the dreams of growing little girls. However, her life was drastically driven into chaos as the harsh world she lived in started to crumble around her feet. At the age of ten, martial law was declared over the city of Montevino and the war over energy (VITALIUM) had followed. Melina’s parents, who were wrongfully branded as criminals, fell victim to the corrupt government and violence that later ensued. All that Melina had left was her butler and dear friend, Dalton Crosby, who her parents trusted dearly. In the following years, Dalton raised her as his own child, becoming the only father figure in her life and in turn, becoming the only family she had left.

Now in her twenties, as the reluctant leader of the group of survivors, she decides to walk a lonely path of self discovery. Deep inside, she knows that she is different from other people. Her only clue to this mystery is the facial scar she had grown up with.


-Feline-like reflexes (which earned her the name "Ocelot")
-Skilled in the art of CQC (Close Quarters Combat)
-Sufficient weapon knowledge (melee & firearms)
-In the event that she experiences great fear, anger or life threatening situations (whether it be her own or someone's else's life) her body goes into "Beast/Berserk Mode". In this state, her physical and sensory attributes are elevated drastically, granting her Captain America-like abilities. Telekinetic powers are also accessed in this state, but with minimal to no control.

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