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erin thumbnail  Sex: Unknown
 Height: Unknown
 Created: Prior to recording
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there's nothing particularly interesting about erin. no special powers, no secret techniques, no fighting style to speak of. she's like that one character they seem to toss into every fighting game. you know, the one that has all the sucky moves and is completely useless. yeah, that one.

you will most likely die of shame should she defeat you [and defeat you she shall]. little snot-nosed children will point at you and laugh, calling you a loser. you will be shunned by all attractive females. you will LONG for death.


erin's wardrobe [and this is of the UTmost importance, people] is casual. casual and always including jeans. she occasionally dons a red hoodie sporting the KOS insignia.

she is prone to sarcasm, watches entirely too much TV, and signed up for the VOID tourney after being told that there would be a lifetime supply of ramen for the winner. you can only imagine her anger and bitter disappointment after discovering that she was tricked. vowing to avenge her empty stomach, she is now determined to destroy all of VOID and its fighters.


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