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Ignatius Weaver thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 5'9
 Created: December 31, 2013
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He grew up with his father and his little sister, Dorothy, in a farmhouse on the outskirts of small town Briddick, Ontario, Canada. His father was sick, so Nate looked after them both. He only joined the Army so he could better provide for them. Upon his return from a 24-month term, he finds out that his father died from his sickness, leaving Dorothy as his only living family (that he knows of). Except that she's missing (Dorothy is 12, at this point). He goes on a quest to find her, and ends up following a mysterious humanoid rabbit creature through a portal in a giant tree. Nate ends up in "The Void"- an Alice in Wonderland-esque kingdom, riddled with danger and supernatural creatures. Quite a shocker for him, because he doesn't believe in the Supernatural.

His name is Ignatius Weaver, most people call him Nate, and his family call him Nacho. Because Ignatius in spanish is Ignacio, and Nacho is it's short form.

He will avoid a fight if he can, but does realize that sometimes it is necessary. Due to his military training, he's a good fighter- although fighting supernatural creatures is quite challenging considering his lack of powers, so he does get his ass kicked a lot. When no weapon is available, he tends to make use of what's around him. He has a very serious, no-nonsense personality. Nate has a very dark sense of humor, a protective streak a mile wide and a secret love for tiny cute things (like kittens wearing hats, puppies, rubber duckies, etc). He's also stubborn as hell.
When he gets injured or sick, he tends to brush it off, and deal with it himself, in private. He has a lot of anxiety about other people looking after him, because he's always mostly been the caretaker, been the one who looked after everybody else. So when somebody tries, he doesn't know how to deal with it or what to say.

He is gay and he loves tea. His birthday is August 12th, and he's 26 years old.

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