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Bellgrey Bianca thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'10
 Created: November 4, 2013
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Born into sterile upper middle class affluence in Los Angeles, Bellgrey Bianca grew up in a world of stifling security and comfort. Seeking to escape a life of bland luxury, she picked up a guitar and dove headfirst into the Hollywood underground of sex, drugs, and Rock n' Roll, never looking back. While her fellow teenage rebels sought nothing more than indulgence and cheap thrills, Bellgrey approached things with a strange seriousness and intensity. Rock Music was a deeply spiritual experience for her-- a modern Cult of Dionysus. She was convinced that there was something deep and powerful hidden behind this facade of mere entertainment. 
   She wanted to learn all she could about the history of Rock and Roll, and Los Angeles was the perfect place to start. As she journeyed through the city's past, she began to uncover hints of a secret current running through the world of Rock, an occult current. Knowing she was on to something, began to research magic, but the information she found was meager and disappointing. She soon realized that if she wanted magical knowledge she would have to go to the source, to escape the gilded banality of Los Angeles and make her way to a city where magic was commonplace. 
   Bellgrey came to Void City in search of Arcane knowledge, and what the hell, a little fame and fortune on the side wouldn't hurt. 

-Headstrong Warrior meets Mournful Romanticist meets Rock and Roll Party Animal.
-Bold and brash, but never cruel, she acts like an older sister to everyone she meets.
-Intensely loyal to her friends, and intensely devoted to her art.
-More likely to feel Manly Begrudging Respect for enemies than outright hatred.
-Will not tolerate cowardice or pessimism.

-basic competence with martial arts and swordsmanship. She can defend herself from a street thug but she ain't gonna win any tournaments anytime soon. 
-As long as she's got an amp of some sort, Bellgrey's music and singing can hit with massive kinetic force
-Bellgrey's magic focuses on Summoning. Her music opens magical gateways through which she can call forth almost anything she can imagine--provided there's some symbolic connection between that and the music she's playing. Get creative! The only limitation is that she can only do magic with Rock music. That's anything from Elvis Presley to Black Sabbath to Nirvana, but no Jazz, no Dance Pop, no Rap, and no Electronica. Bellgrey is a music snob, after all.

-Bellgrey considers herself a Paladin of Rock, and takes it upon herself to defend the dignity and history of Rock and Roll from anyone who would threaten it... mostly dance pop producers and would-be censors.

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