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Fee thumbnail  Sex: F
 Height: 5'7
 Created: July 7, 2013
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“Things have been going downhill ever since the Greeks. They were the last society that really did it for me, ya know? They did human sacrifice better than anybody. All you had to do was go terrorize a village and boom, they chained a virgin to a rock.”

Fee's real name is Iphianassa, but it's silly and hard to pronounce. She claims to be a mermaid but is mostly a sea monster. Her favorite foods consist of humans, raw steak, and raw fish, in that order. Her origins appear to be ancent Mesopotamian, dating back as far back as Babylon in the 18th century BC. Her true age is unknown; a long life has left her with a fluid sense of time and a love for fucking with people. She claims to be connected to both the myth of the Loch Ness monster and the sinking of the Titanic (calling it unsinkable was practically a challenge). Her basic pattern of operation is to live underwater as a serpent, then change her mind and rejoin humans for a few years until she's eaten everyone or been run out of town.

Despite her illustrious past, Fee's immortal boredom has been nagging lately. She's been spending most of her time dodging underwater mining expeditions, and it's been decades since she's had a proper meal. She's decided to take a spin on the surface again, setting up shop above a Japanese steakhouse. In Void City, decent meals are easy to find. She's got the perfect online dating profile to deliver guys, and she's found a city where nobody's going to notice if a few lonely losers happen to disappear.

Fee can change form at will from sea serpent to human, as well as some stage between. Her strength and agility are enhanced, and she recovers very quickly from injuries. Her vision is exceptional, made to see in deep and murky waters. Though she can be killed, she doesn't appear to age. Her kind may have originated the myth of the sirens due to a bizarre ability to bend humans to their will with a sound.

Fee is an extremely manipulative and selfish creature, thinking primarily as a predator. She likes eating meat and destroying stuff. Also, whistling. In her human guise she can be incredibly charming, as long as it's in the interest of getting what she wants. She has been known to be capable of human emotion, but her understanding of such matters is limited at best. Her ex boyfriend Cetus is famous for getting killed by the hero Perseus while trying to eat a virgin that was chained to a rock.
Because Fee comes from a time where cities were often plagued by monsters, she sees Void as a nice return to the old ways and believes every city in the present is like this one. She has the tendency to treat even the city's most bizarre happenings as commonplace so as not to attract attention.

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