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Mynx Milano thumbnail  Sex: Female
 Height: 5'0"
 Created: July 2, 2013
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Mynx had married her high school sweetheart straight after graduation, and while they were rather poor, they were happy with their lives simply by being together. Her husband was an aspiring inventor, although he never quite had any success patenting and selling any of his creations--but she was happy to support his dreams and so the two had scraped by in the best ways that they could manage. After a few years, one of her husband's inventions, a cellular phone that could charge in a matter of seconds, had sold and it had sold well--well enough to send their quality of life into the sky as they left behind their shabby one-bedroom apartment to pursue the wealthy lifestyles they had only once dreamed of. Unfortunately, only a few months after the success of his creation, Mynx's husband fell victim to a lethal heart attack, leaving Mynx to be the inheritant of all of her husband's earnings.

Mynx tries to find closure in the sudden death of her husband in partying and sleeping with boys much younger than she is, often refusing to discuss anything to do with her late lover as to avoid an emotional breakdown. Mynx's personality always appears to be extremely exaggerated, whether she happens to be bubbling over with happiness, teeming with unstoppable rage, or sobbing in misery; her emotions are always experienced in an all-or-nothing manner. She is incredibly forward and assertive with young men that she finds attractive, but finds herself to be more demure around men who are closer to her age. In the end, she is still not quite over the loss of her husband and it is quite apparent, but she refuses to address the issue as it is painful for her to discuss or think about.

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